Our Industry

When the Model T first came off the assembly line in 1909, only the elite had automobiles. Just a few years later, the car transformed from an expensive luxury to a common sight around town. Today, automakers are again revolutionizing the way we think about the industry. 

That revolution is driving the the nation’s research and development (R&D) to advance technology. Over the past few decades, our advancement has focused on Auto industry infrastructure, safety, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Why Veterans, Members of the Guard and Reserve, and Spouses? 

Whether you are the spouse of an active service member or a Veteran with decades out of the service, the military experience you have provides a launchpad for a great career trajectory in the Auto industry because you have the skills and mentality it takes to lead automakers into the future.

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Steps to Get Started 

Ready to learn more? Use the steps below to help you learn more about the Auto industry, people like you who have made successful transitions into their civilian careers and what jobs are available. Don't worry about taking them in order; these are just guidelines for you as you familiarize yourself with the industry and what it offers.


Success Stories

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Get a Mentor

Third, search and apply for jobs in careers that fit you best. Click on the button below to search for jobs in the Auto industry.